Good news about the lab tests offered at Fenske Holistic Healthcare Center LLC

Dr. Fenske offers cutting edge Functional Medicine labs that uncover underlying weaknesses in the body that may result in disease.  These lab kits are processed by top-notch laboratories from around the country that Dr. Fenske has researched extensively.

  • These labs provide an objective analysis of one’s health.
  • These labs identify patterns in the body that can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, fatigue, hormone imbalances, blood sugar instability and inflammatory conditions.
  • These labs provide the opportunity to quantitatively measure your progress toward better health.

With the knowledge provided by these lab tests, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements can be objectively targeted for faster and more effective results, saving both time and expense.  The information gained with the use of these labs is another powerful tool that allows Dr. Fenske to treat the imbalances that can lead to disease, and not just treat the symptoms of disease.


Functional Medicine Labs that Dr. Fenske may order include:

  • hormonal assessments
  • stool analysis
  • toxicity testing
  • basic blood chemistry
  • thyroid testing
  • adrenal testing
  • food sensitivity testing
  • neurotransmitter testing