Fenske Holistic
Healthcare Center

Fenske Holistic Healthcare Center is located in downtown Middleton, Wisconsin, very close to Madison and just blocks from University Ave and the Beltline.

Dr. Nicole Fenske is

one of the few Certified Functional Medicine practitioners in Wisconsin. She provides Functional Medicine care in the Madison, WI area. At Fenske Holistic Healthcare Center LLC, Dr. Fenske uses her extensive background to care for patients with a very wide array of conditions.

Functional Medicine certified practitioner

We restore health

Functional Medicine goes beyond the pathological diagnosis to define the mechanisms underlying the origin of the dysfunction. In other words, Functional Medicine seeks to restore the function of the body so symptoms are not just hidden, but resolved. This is truly a system of ‘health care’, not just ‘disease care’.

How we’re different

Dr. Nicole Fenske focuses on listening to a patient’s needs. She provides thorough evaluations to recognize the deepest cause of problems. She provides care that is truly corrective – not just a quick fix. She seeks to provide adequate educational materials that support the process of lifestyle change.

What to expect

Dr. Nicole Fenske will treat each patient based on their individual needs. Patients seeking Functional Medicine care will complete our extensive intake forms and provide Dr. Fenske with any past medical records or lab results for her review prior to an initial appointment.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Dr. Fenske is the first person I call to assist me with health issues related to nutrition and structural alignment. She is highly professional, supportive and knowledgeable in assisting me in my holistic healthcare.


Dr. Fenske is truly invested in my wellness. She persisted with patience and respect and struck a perfect balance between educating, coaching and supporting. I can’t say enough about the benefits of working with Fenske Holistic Healthcare Center.

A. G.

I recommend Dr. Fenske to all of my friends. She always listens and is willing to investigate all avenues of treatment. Within a few months of starting treatment with Dr. Fenske, my symptoms were greatly reduced. I finally know what it’s like to feel well again.

A. L.

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