Benefits of Exercise

Basic Healthcare: Part 5  ~ EXERCISE

Over a number of months I’ve highlighted several aspects of healthcare that I consider to be essential, or basic to a person’s well-being.  For the final installment in this Basic Healthcare series I will promote the benefits of exercise.  Exercise may be the one aspect of your health over which you have the most control.  Unlike with my recommendations to Eat Real Food and to Decrease Chemical Exposure and Sugar, you don’t need to have money or access to special grocery stores with natural food alternatives to receive the benefits of exercise.  And unlike Stress (discussed last month) which is sometimes inflicted by people, jobs, or events beyond our control, exercise is totally under our own control.

Exercise can vary to meet our individual needs based on our ability and age.  My main recommendation is TAKE THE TIME TO EXERCISE.  Whatever time you put into exercise now will increase the quality of your life and everything else you do in life.  Consider the following benefits of exercise…

Benefits of Exercise:

Reduce risk of fatal heart attack by as much as 30 percent.benefits of exercise

Reduce risk of stroke by as much as 30 percent.

Improve “good” cholesterol levels.

Decrease blood pressure.

Decrease risk of colon cancer.

Decrease risk of breast and pancreatic cancer.

Improve immune system function.

Unload daily stress.

Improve sleep.

Improve mood.

Decrease pain.

Improve mental function and decrease risk of dementia.

Slow down aging process.

Support weight loss.

Improve strength and build muscle.

Reduce risk for injuries.

Improve balance and decrease risk of falling.

Improve body tone and image.

Improve endurance.

Improve performance in sports.




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